The Pulses / Corporate / South Korea / Seoul . Located in a hundred contries, the photographers highlight our clients communication strategy.

Offshore photography

Offshore photography

Offshore photography for renewable and oil & gas energy requires special qualifications we have since a few years : BOSIET & HUET allowing us to photograph and film offshore platforms, barges, ships, and helicopters—all over the world.

Canada / White City

Corporate photographer. The photographers are located in about a hundred countries.  Canada is one of the areas in wich we have complete teams : photographer – cameraman – drone pilot.

Grand Paris

Real estate photographer. Architectural photography, real estate, infrastructure and cities.

Urban photography / Hong Kong

Urban photography

Urban photography, architecture, real estate, infrastructure and cities is a constant need for our clients. Work done is regulary exhibited. Hong Kong.

Urban photography

Urban photography – Construction site photography to document the main infrastructure projets in « Grand Paris ».  Saint-Denis – Quartier Pleyel – Olympic Games Paris 2024.

Aerial photography

Aerial photography

Aerial photography taken in Greece, Peloponnese, to document the transformation of territories and infrastructures.

Photographic assignment in France

Photographic assignment in France .  Photographers located in about forty cities . Illustration of urban transformation for architects, developers . Photo – Video – Drone . Locations

NANTES / Exhibition

LVAN – Le Voyage à Nantes  TRAVAIL by The Pulses – Exposition photographique de Cyrille Dupont présentée à la Maison des Hommes et des techniques de Nantes.