Corporate photography.

All the news - Published on December 7th, 2021

Corporate photography agency

“The Pulses” is an International photography agency, our clients are companies, institutions and communication agencies.

International network of photographers.

Located in 100 countries, all our photographers have a strong record of expérience in corporate photography. The international presence of our team is a key aspect in our organisation.

Offshore photographers. We hold “offshore” qualifications required to photograph and film offshore platforms, barges, ships …all over the world.

Because image is a key strategic lever, we hold a discussion about the client’s visual identity at the earliest opportunity. To ensure the best possible outcomes, we arrive early on project assignments, working with clients to define their needs precisely.

Coporate, industrial photography, portrait, architecture, aerial…

Aerial photographer in Paris – Drone photography Aerial photography is a specialty we have been practicing since 1995—in the construction, industrial, tourism, and sport sectors. In addition, we manage the whole operation for you—from logistics, through flight plan, to any authorizations required.

Architecture and real estate photographer in Paris. Architecture photography, real estate, infrastructure, and cities is a constant need for our clients. Work done is regularly exhibited. Some of these photographs are in the collections of the Historical Library of Paris.

Construction photographer in Paris. Photography of construction sites, real estate construction. We undertake a broad range of work in the construction sector:  images of construction sites, portraits, working environments, close-ups of materials, technical aspects, signage and logos…

Corporate photographer in Paris. Corporate photography enables you to illustrate your company’s activities by highlighting people in their professional environment.

Industrial photographer in Paris. Industrial photography . We produce photographic reports and films in a wide range of sectors—adapting the techniques used, and the know-how applied, for each.

Offshore photographer. Offshore wind and Oil & Gas photography requires special qualifications we have since a few years. BOSIET – HUET allowing us to photograph and film offshore platforms, barges, ships, and helicopters—all over the world.

Corporate and business portrait photographer in Paris. These corporate portraits photographs have been taken in a range of very different conditions: indoors, outdoors, and using settings specially hired for the project. We can also set up a studio at your company’s premises.

Business and corporate photography in Paris. These corporate photographs are commissioned work for R&D institutions, universities.

Commercial photographer in Paris. Commercial photography for clients such as hotel groups, local authorities, concessionaires, highway companies.

International photography agency – The Pulses